What Do U.S. Jews Really Think About Annexation?

Yoffie says American Jews all agree with him in opposing annexation. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s wrong. The only way to know is to take a poll.

Farrakhan’s Threats for Advocating Vaccinations

Farrakhan — like Nazis and Communists — has a First Amendment right to tell his lies and spread his hate. But no media has an obligation to promote or disseminate his bigotry.

Israel’s Self-Imposed “White Paper”

Israel’s National Outline Plan (NOP 35) has effectively frozen Jewish settlement in the Galilee and the Negev and spurred massive illegal building and land occupancy by the Negev’s Bedouin community. Without renewed Jewish settlement momentum in the land that is still available, the police and law enforcement agencies will be unable to alter this unlawful reality.

Learn How To Pray

It’s difficult to connect with G-d. That’s why prayer is called work. It’s avodah shebalev (work of the heart).

Rabbi Levi Welton: On A Wing And A Prayer

When you wear a yarmulka or a sheitel, you are wearing a uniform of sorts that represents your service to a higher power. That type of pride carries over perfectly into the pride of being a representative of the Air Force.

How Israel Rescued the Promised Land

Part of the Israeli miracle is the restoration of a depleted, deteriorating land through determination, ingenuity and back-breaking work.

Myths about Asserting Sovereignty

Critics say attaining sovereignty will undermine the peace process and ruin Israel’s reputation abroad, but these myths do not hold up to scrutiny.

The Third Wave of Anti-Semitism is on the Way

The coronavirus pandemic has rebooted the classic medieval Jew-hatred seen during the Black Plague. Today, in the age of a sovereign Jewish state, it has been redirected to demonize Israel.

The Virus Returns – What Went Wrong? An Interview with Professor Arnon Afek of...

A main reason for this was that all through the initial wave, the public was bombarded with catastrophic scenarios in which tens of thousands would die.

Thank You, NYPD

He must be such a diplomat that he can settle differences between individuals so that each will think he won.

Yasher Koach To Julius Berman

He served for many years as the rav’s confidant and has been instrumental in the publication of his works.

Islamists Appropriate Black Lives Matter Movement, Despite History of Anti-Black Bigotry

Islamists are exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement to bring attention to their anti-Israel agenda. Yet, many of these same pro-Palestinian activists have ignored or contributed to a culture of casual anti-black racism.

What’s in a Name? The Israeli-Palestinian Case

The Palestinian-Arab propaganda machine incessantly fuels aggressive anti-Israel campaigns. The PA’s public diplomacy is based on manipulation: it takes advantage of the ignorance and superficial historical knowledge of the rest of the world about the Israeli-Arab conflict to implant an invented history. The Jewish State may have committed a historic misjudgment by selecting the name “Israel,” as the choice has damaged the state’s strategic interests.

Outrage Without RAGE

What stimulates positive change, and drives people to pursue justice, equality, goodness, and truth is not anger or rage, but OUTRAGE.

The Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn Are Alone in the World

merican Jews and the Jewish Establishment do not advocate for themselves but exceed in advocating for others

What is the ACTUAL Cost of Applying Israel Law to Judea & Samaria

A hesitant, appeasing and retreating Israel, which sacrifices its independence of national security action on the altar of overseas' green lights, whets the appetite of terrorists and rogue regimes,

De-Americanizing America

Americans seem swept up in a movement bent on jettisoning a paradigm that brought resounding success, while embracing one that wrought failure wherever implemented.

Slavery Rampant in Africa, Middle East; The West Wrongly Accuses Itself

Real slave traders and racists -- those who believe Western societies and values should not exist at all -- most likely look at the current Western self-flagellation and cheer their approval.

Racism Is Recognized as Intrinsic to Western Societies. Why Isn’t Antisemitism?

Many understand that racism is an intrinsic part of Western societies. So is antisemitism, yet this is acknowledged by very few. Antisemitism was on display during mass demonstrations about the coronavirus pandemic and the problem of racism, but was scarcely remarked upon. There has also been an outpouring of new mutations of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in the wake of the pandemic. As has occurred for millennia, western cultures are interweaving their antisemitism into issues of the day.

The New York Times vs Orthodox Jews

Antisemitism on the right makes headlines -- the violence that accompanies it ensures that it makes the news; Meanwhile, antisemitism on the left is still denied outright.

Facing a Pandemic of Crises, Few Middle Eastern Leaders Step Up

{Originally posted to the BESA website} The Middle East is at a crossroads. The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout confront regional leaders with a...

Trump and Netanyahu Face their Rendezvous with Destiny

Netanyahu’s actions over the next few weeks will determine whether he goes down in history as one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all time, or is remembered as a disappointment of Sabbatean proportions.

Stop Legitimizing The Progressive Circus – Register Republican

You’ve been told to join the Democratic Party to moderate it. How has that worked out?

A Tale of Two Revolutions and Why America MUST be Celebrated

The radical narrative that the United States is incorrigibly racist is rooted in a revisionist spirit that threatens the rule of law, civilization and the Jews.

The Riots: A Will to Overthrow the United States

The mob's destruction or removal of statues appears an attempt to erase the history of the United States... What they are doing looks like just an old-fashioned power-grab. The first law of power-grabbers is that if no one stops them, they keep on going -- often with catastrophic consequences.

Israeli Sovereignty: Officially on the clock

The Netanyahu government is working hand in hand with the Trump administration to recognize Israeli sovereignty over approximately 30 percent of Judea and Samaria. July 1 was by no means a deadline.

Don’t Let Them Run Roughshod Over You

Reluctance to "stir the pot" or cause a chillul Hashem should not translate into indifference or inaction.

Why Everyone Who Wakes Up From a Respirator Needs a Mental Health Professional By...

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from something called ICU Delerium.

Cancel Culture – A Pernicious Force

What should our response be when a leader, rabbi, friend, or family member says something offensive? Rebuke AND FORGIVE.


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