Report: Netanyahu’s Attorney Resigns over Fees in Attempt to Halt Trial

"As far as Netanyahu is concerned, he would like to dismantle the government even before the start of hearing the prosecution's testimonies in his trial."

Israel Heading to Elections if Annual Budget Isn’t Approved, says Finance Minister

“The public is in desperate need of reform and financial aid” regardless of politics, says Finance Minister Israel Katz • Coalition deal sets Aug. 15 deadline for the passing of a biennial budget.

Russians Overwhelmingly Vote Putin Virtual Czar Until 2036

The turnout at the nationwide vote hit 57.43% by 12:00 midnight Moscow Time, suggesting about 42% of Russians didn't bother to show up.

Republican Jews Mourn Rep. Engel’s Defeat, But Don’t Field GOP Candidate nor Support Conservative...

If you're not running a Republican in the 16th, and you don't support the rightwing candidate who is in the race, you concede the district to the radical wing of the democratic party – so what good are you?

Eliot Engel the Likely Loser in NY Primaries, AOC Wins 70% of her District

One pro-Israel Congressman, Jerry Nadler, appears to have escaped harm in the 10th District in Manhattan

Netanyahu’s Ultimatum to Gantz: Sovereignty Now or New Elections

Bibi has to be an idiot not to try to kill this government, and Mother Netanyahu did not raise idiots.

Pressured from Left and Right, Jewish Representation in Congress on the Decline

US Representative from New York Nita Lowey, a Democrat who is 83, has announced her retirement last October.

Why Facebook Cut Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Ad and Why Obscure Referencing Is So Dangerous in...

The red triangle has long since become popular, hip if you will, fashion choice of the left.

Jewish Democratic Council Says it Won’t Back Ilhan Omar, Mum on Endorsing her Primary...

Antone Melton-Meaux, one of four candidates challenging Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in the primary, has critcized her record of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks.

Engel Faces Toughest Race Yet, He Says, with Concerns about Mideast Policy in Mind

“We’re battling for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party,” said the 16-term New York legislator during a virtual event hosted by NORPAC.

Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells It Like It Is So Much, Even the GOP...

Yours truly sat down and watched the entire 9+ minutes of the Politico video, and I disn't detect even a hint of anti-Semitism.

Knesset Passes ‘Norwegian Law’ to Help Ministers-Rich Blue&White Party Add MKs

The new law is a double edged sward for Gantz, seeing as close to half of his original slate is currently in the opposition, under MK Yair Lapid's leadership.

IfNotNow Backing Black Candidate Against Jewish Incumbent in NY’s 16th Congressional District

The 16th district includes the northern Bronx and the southern half of Westchester County, including the suburban cities of Mount Vernon, Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Rye.

High Court Revokes Law Regulating Problem Land Purchases, Move Could Lead to New Elections

Health Minister Yuli Ederlstein (Likud) said in response to the ruling that "the High Court has lost it."

Risking November Outcome, Biden, Democrats, Reject BLM’s Demands to Defund Police

"What we're doing is talking about how we change policy to make our policing more just,” Pelosi told MSNBC.

Minneapolis’ Brave Jewish Mayor Speaks Truth to Black Power, Will Not Abolish Police

The woman with the microphone pulled away in visceral rage, screaming "Get the [expletive] out of here," and Frey walked between rows of blacks who could have easily murdered him on live TV.

Kansas University Cancels Ivanka Trump’s Commencement Speech on 11th Day of Protests

Ivanka Trump said the decision to cancel her commencement speech “antithetical to academia.”

Republican Jews Celebrate Defeat of Israel’s Biggest Friend in Congress

So let it be known that, at last, the DNC and GOP political correctness have merged in the condemnation of a zealous enemy of a Palestinian State. Congrats.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Recapture Media’s Attention in Minnesota Race Riots

As is always the case when individuals such as Sharpton and Jackson are involved, the race riots across America will not calm down with their help.

Is Biden in Trouble? Ilhan Omar Says She Believes Tara Reade’s Sexual Allegations

Could be time to make that MAGA hat purchase in preparation for the January inauguration.

Trump Campaign to Mark Two-Year Jerusalem Embassy Opening with Fundraiser

The event, which will be on Zoom, will be hosted by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).

Chareidi Parties Demand Netanyahu Include Yamina in the Coalition

Meanwhile Rafi Peretz reportedly received an offer to jump ship and join the coalition by himself without Yamina.

Likud: ‘If Yamina Wants to Join the Government it Has to be Flexible’

“Either Yamina comes on board with what's been offered or it won't be in the government,” says Likud official • Yamina head Naftali Bennett: ‘If we can make a difference we will join, and if we can’t, we won't.’

Convoy Headed to Jerusalem to Protest High Court’s Judicial Dictatorship

The demonstrators insisted that this was merely the latest action in a long history of undemocratic and biased political activism by the court.

Sunday 11 Justices Decide Netanyahu’s Political Future

Can the President assign this task to a defendant in a criminal lawsuit? We'll hopefully get the answer on Thursday this week.

Direct Polls Predicts Astronomical Likud 4th Elections Win

Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid suffered a cut in its mandates from 14 to 11.

Next Thursday, Netanyahu Might Announce 61-Seat Rightwing Government or New Elections

It's a sinking sensation in many pundits' pit of the stomach: this circus has not left town yet. There's one more big act coming, at center stage.

Mandelblit to High Court: No Legal Impediment in Assigning Coalition Building to Netanyahu

But the AG warned the high court that the coalition agreement promotes significant constitutional changes, including creating a new model of government that is not an organic part of Israel's system of government.

Biden Vows to Keep Jerusalem Embassy, But His Record on Israel’s Capital Is Troubling

Vote Trump or vote Biden, but don't expect anything different from either one of them regarding Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and that worthless two-state solution.


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