US House Subcommittee Passes $250 Million in Funding for Palestinian Authority Arabs

The bill seeks “to restore humanitarian and development assistance to the Palestinians,” despite the Trump administration having defunded or slashed such funding to virtually zero.

Bennett Emerges as Alternative to Netanyahu in Poll that Blames PM for Coronavirus Crisis

The air—rightly or not—is rife with a sense of loss of direction and control.

As On-Campus Denial of Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism Surges, So Do Attacks on Jewish Students

For the second year in a row, US campuses have experienced a significant decline in classic anti-Semitic harassment (down 49%) and a significant increase in Israel-related incidents (up 60%).

Finally: National Council of Young Israel Takes on BLM Anti-Semites

NCYI President Farley Weiss condemned the marchers who “desperately seek justice and an end to racism" and "are themselves engaging in abhorrent and hypocritical behavior that fans the flames of bigotry and hate.”

Another Holocaust Metaphor Kerplunks as Cartoonist Equates Wearing Facemasks with Boarding Cattle Cars

The publisher, Dane Hicks, refused to remove the cartoon from Facebook, and promised to run it in his paper's Tuesday's edition.

California Union Posts Anti-Semitic Image of Jewish Lawmaker

The California Building and Construction Trades Unions have a history of launching aggressive ad campaigns against politicians that oppose their interests.

Sovereignty Movement Goes All Out to Support Netanyahu’s Move

The movement promises to continue its activities with the ministers, members of Knesset and politicians to bring about essential changes leading to the first step of sovereignty.

AOC, Leftycrats to Pompeo: If Israel Annexes – Off with their Aid

One sour note: the AOC letter was also signed by Rep Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who represents the Lower East Side of NY.

Im Tirtzu Wins $30,000 Libel Suit Against Yedioth Aharonoth

In two separate articles, Yedioth accused Im Tirtzu of fabricating the letter and refused to issue a retraction.

Bibi Taunts Gantz in Meeting with US Envoy: Iran Can’t Wait Until We Fix...

Having stabbed his colleague on the left, Netanyahu turned to welcome his guest properly.

Likud MK Threatens Committee Chair He Could Lose his Job over Digging into Submarine...

MK Moshe Ya'alon (Yesh Atid-Telem) echoed the demand for a State Comptroller examination into the affair, and also called for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry.

Gantz to Trump’s Envoy Berkowitz: July 1 Not a Sacred Date

Gantz added in the same meeting that before promoting political moves, Israeli citizens should be able to return to work and earn a living again.

‘Blood’ Fountains in Petah Tikva’s Trump Square

It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

As Minneapolis City Council Disbands Police, Members Receive Private Security at $4,500 per Day

A spokesperson for the city said the MPD resources are needed in the community, and besides, the hourly cost of a private security guard is about the same as a police officer.

BLM Co-Founder: White-Skinned Jesus Statues Must Also Come Down

"Yes. All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down."

Republican Jews Mourn Rep. Engel’s Defeat, But Don’t Field GOP Candidate nor Support Conservative...

If you're not running a Republican in the 16th, and you don't support the rightwing candidate who is in the race, you concede the district to the radical wing of the democratic party – so what good are you?

Kiryat Arba Shuts Down Public Pool After High Court Forces Mixed Swimming

In 2018, following a similar court injunction, the Kiryat Arba pool offered "family hours" with mixed swimming. But the move led to many local residents canceling their memberships.

Duma Arson-Murder Minor Defendant May Not Do Prison Time

The court's decision to postpone the sentencing and the inquiry with the community service administrator suggests the court may be looking at keeping A out of prison.

Eliot Engel the Likely Loser in NY Primaries, AOC Wins 70% of her District

One pro-Israel Congressman, Jerry Nadler, appears to have escaped harm in the 10th District in Manhattan

Knesset Committee Approves 17% Discount to UN Group Supplying Fuel to Gaza

“The straw that broke the camel's back was in the beginning of 2018, when the Palestinian Authority decided to impose sanctions on Gaza."

109 House Republicans Support Netanyahu’s Plan for Sovereignty

As dedicated friends of the Jewish state, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to the relationship between our two nations and Israel’s right to sovereignty and defensible borders.

House GOP Leadership Circulates Letter in Support of Israeli Sovereignty

It also fires back against warnings that the move would undermine the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Netanyahu’s Ultimatum to Gantz: Sovereignty Now or New Elections

Bibi has to be an idiot not to try to kill this government, and Mother Netanyahu did not raise idiots.

New Website Names 150 Anti-Israel Israeli Professors

"Our website will be an important resource for students, as well as for the broader public who value both Israel and the truth."

Prof. Zeev Sternhell, Fervent Enemy of Jewish Life in Liberated Territories, Dead at 85

On September 25, 2008, Sternhell was the victim of a pipe bomb attack at his 奔驰宝马娱乐官网, and was injured in the leg and hospitalized.

Pressured from Left and Right, Jewish Representation in Congress on the Decline

US Representative from New York Nita Lowey, a Democrat who is 83, has announced her retirement last October.

Amb. Dermer: Israeli Sovereignty Will Chart Course for ‘Realistic’ 2-State Solution

Ambassador Dermer hopes the very act of unilateral "annexation" would be the kick in the pants the Palestinians need to recognize that "the Jewish state is here to stay."

Rep. Hoyer, 115 Democrats Sign Letter Objecting to Israeli Sovereignty

“We do not see how any of these acute risks serve the long-term interest of a strong, secure Israel,” say U.S. congressional members.

Why Facebook Cut Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Ad and Why Obscure Referencing Is So Dangerous in...

The red triangle has long since become popular, hip if you will, fashion choice of the left.

Engel Faces Toughest Race Yet, He Says, with Concerns about Mideast Policy in Mind

“We’re battling for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party,” said the 16-term New York legislator during a virtual event hosted by NORPAC.


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